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NOVEMBER 4 // 2023

Ready for your next challenge? Join us in Huntsville, Alabama for the Huntsville Championships. Our competitions offer a fun, supportive environment for every student to come out and compete in a safe, well organized space. All competition events are broken down into age and rank specific categories to ensure students are being challenged at their level.

Available 3-5 days prior to competition date


Our Mission

We are committed to providing the best quality Martial Arts events that encourage our members to be champions in life and on the mats.


Learn more and do more at Huntsville Championships with the most innovative and relative trainings and competitions.

Our Venue


Von Braun Center

700 Monroe St SW

Huntsville, AL 35801

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Our Events

Join us for the Main Event competition which includes Traditional Forms, Flag Sparring, and Point Sparring - or choose to challenge yourself with the Board Break Challenge!

Join us Today

Ready for your next challenge? This is a great opportunity to go toe to toe with the best! Check out our site to find all the information that you need.


Do you train at an IMAS school? Talk to your instructor about how to prepare and register today.


Sat / Nov 4

Saturday's events include:

  • 9:30 am Judges Meeting

  • 10:00 am Board Break Challenge Opens

  • Main Event Competitions

  • Free-Style Weapons Forms

  • Padded Stick Sparring

  • Tag Team Sparring*

* Tag Team Sparring may be dependent on the amount of registered participants

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Order your gear now to wear at the event!
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