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JUNE 28 & 29 // 2024

Ready for your next challenge? Join us in Fort Walton Beach, Florida for the Hurricane Championships. Our competitions offer a fun, supportive environment for every student to come out and compete in a safe, well organized space. All competition events are broken down into age and rank specific categories to ensure students are being challenged at their level.

Available 5 days prior to competition date


Our Mission

We are committed to providing the best quality Martial Arts events that encourage our members to be champions in life and on the mats.

Our Venue


Hyatt Downtown Dallas 

300 Reunion Blvd

Downtown Dallas, TX

Registration info to come!

Our Events

There are many ways to win! Participants can compete in categories such as traditional forms,  tournament sparring, free-style weapons patterns, stick sparring and more -- or choose to challenge yourself with the board break challenge!

Join us Today

You won't want to miss IMAS Worlds in Dallas, Texas!


Do you train at an IMAS school? Talk to your instructor about how to prepare and register today.

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Order your gear now to wear at the Hurricane Championships!
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