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Let us introduce ourselves. IMAS is not an organization with uniform and curriculum requirements. We will not tell you what to do, what to wear or what to think. So what is IMAS? IMAS is an unprecedented martial arts company (‘company’ not ‘organization’) comprised of independent schools focused on quality and prosperity. Our primary goal is to provide unparalleled Martial Arts events. Here’s a little more about what we have to offer.

Karate Class

What do you stand to gain?

  • Interact with a group of dedicated, industry-leading Martial Artists.  IMAS is comprised of independent schools focused on quality and prosperity that are passionate about positively impacting others through martial arts based competition, certification, and continued education.

  • Gain access to phenomenal events that deliver excellent customer service to your students. Our tournaments are organized, run on schedule and offer something for every martial arts enthusiast.

  • Connect with grand master level martial artists and their vast knowledge base across a multitude of arts. We have participants with expertise in striking systems, bladed systems, submission arts, traditional weapons based systems, and we are excited to have you join us.

  • Access to Judging Certification and judging resources through IMAS University.

Like most school owners I used to be a member of a Taekwondo organization that had "benefits" for being a member school. Over time, I realized that I was being taken advantage of and the benefits didn't really benefit my bank account at all. I was working hard to enrich someone else. Like many others, I left my organization and went independent for over ten years. During this time I had no way of advancing my rank. We also had to attend open tournaments where at times the values and integrity of the organizers and participants didn't meet my expectations, leaving us disappointed.

Then in 2015, we found IMAS. I was skeptical of joining another organization, but this is not an organization. After attending my first event, and having actually made money for my efforts, I was on board. I was accepted with open arms, respected, and made to feel like a member of the family. Every event thus far has been organized well, professionally run, and a great experience for my people.

As a member, I have many opportunities to make really good money through my peoples participation in events, something I never thought possible with my old organization. As a member of IMAS, I am equal to everyone else and beneath no one else. If you're still with an old-school organization and handing over a check every time your people go to an event, you should take a close look at becoming an IMAS member school.
Jack Lord, IMAS Member School
West Palm Beach, Florida

Absolutely no long term risks.

To participate in IMAS events, no membership required. In addition to this you have the flexibility and freedom to set event prices to what is best for your business and your market. Here are the wholesale fees for participation in IMAS events.

  • No Annual Membership

  • Private Facebook Group - Included

  • Main Event traditional form, point spar, flag spar - $45

  • High Rank Testing Third Degree & above - $75

  • National Seminars - $25

  • Kid's Night - $25

  • Board Break Challenge - $20

  • Other Competitions ie. stick spar, weapons form, etc - $10

  • Demo Team Competition - $200

Who we are:

IMAS is an event corporation looking for motivated, martial arts enthusiasts, professionals that have expertise to offer and are looking to level up their business.

  • Can I be a member of an organization and still participate in IMAS events?
    Yes. We have several participating schools who keep active in traditional organizations.
  • Is IMAS an organization with rules and regulations?
    No. IMAS is primarily an event and resource company. The only rules we have are for competitions at our events.
  • Am I required to wear an IMAS patch or uniform?
    No. Our only requirement is that what competitors wear to events is done in good taste, not to be offensive or revealing.
  • Does IMAS offer rank advancement?
    Yes. As an IMAS Member School you have the option to participate in IMAS testings, promotions and rank system.
  • Do I have to sign a long term contract?
    No. There are no contracts to participate in IMAS events.
  • How can I get help to grow my business?
    By choosing to upgrade to a membership in IMAS University you can gain access to our proven systems, products and coaches to increase your enrollment, profit and retention.
  • Are there any attendance requirements?
    No, participate in as many or as few events as you like and sign your students up for any or all of our various competitions.
  • This seems too good to be true, right?
    Yes. It does seem too good to be true. Come see it for yourself, come talk to the other school owners, and then ask yourself, “Why is IMAS the only thing of its kind?”.
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