MARCH 11 & 12 // 2022

Ready for your next challenge? Join us in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the Spring 2022 IMAS Nationals. Much more than a weekend of competition -- Nationals weekend includes specialty Seminars taught by Master Instructors, High Rank Testings and Instructor Certifications, as well as competitions for all ages and ranks.

Available 5 days prior to competition date


Our Mission

We are committed to providing the best quality Martial Arts events that encourage our members to be champions in life and on the mats.


Learn more and do more at IMAS Spring Nationals with the most innovative and relative trainings and competitions.

Our Venue

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Host Hotel:

Baton Rouge Mariott

5500 Hilton Avenue

Baton Rouge, LA 70808

ph: 225-924-5000

Reserve ONLINE

Overflow Hotel:


2552 CitiPlace Court

Baton Rouge, LA 70808

ph: 225-800-1990

Our Events

There are many ways to win! Participants can compete in categories such as traditional forms, one-step combinations, tournament sparring, free-style weapons patterns, stick sparring and more -- or choose to challenge yourself with the board break challenge!

Join us Today

Ready for your next challenge? The IMAS Spring Nationals is just around the corner and we’re super excited! Check out our site to find all the information that you need.


Do you train at an IMAS school? Talk to your instructor about how to prepare and register today.

Fri / Mar 11



9:00 am High Rank Interviews

9:00 am Judges Certification

10:00 am High Rank Test

School Owner Rank Presentation

12:30 pm Board Challenge Opens

12:30 pm National Seminar #1

1:30 pm National Seminar #2

2:30 pm National Seminar #3

3:30 pm Instructor Certification

4:30 pm Weapons Forms

5:00 pm Creative Breaking

5:30 pm Stick Sparring

7:00 pm Demo Team Competition


Sat / Mar 12


8:00 am Judges Certification

9:00 am Board Challenge Opens

9:00 am Main Event Competitions

6:00 - 9:00 pm Nerf Gun Party!!

Note: School Owner meetings on Thursday, March 10th at 6:00 pm .

All tournament judges must attend at least ONE of the Judges Certifications to judge at this event.


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National Seminar #1

BJJ w Mr. Jacob Langston

The BJJ Ground Defense You Need

Whether you are a BJJ practitioner or not, Mr. Jacob Langston will be teaching the five ground defenses you must know to turn the tables in any situation.


National Seminar #2

Kali w Mr. Kurt Cornwell

Founder of MKG Detroit and holding Instructor

under Sifu Rick Faye and Guro Dan Inosanto, Kurt Cornwell will be sharing his vast knowledge in the arts of Filipino Weaponry, Silat, JKD Concepts, Dirty Boxing & more!


National Seminar #3

Kamas w Mr. Micah Davis

A traditional farming tool from Okinawa

the Kama is easy to conceal but extremely effective for cutting and grabbing an opponents weapon. Mr. Micah Davis will breakdown tricks with the Kama to have you spinning them like an expert.

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