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AUGUST 31 // 2023

Level up at the IMAS annual Black Belt Summit. Our professional seminars cover everything from opening up multiple locations to planning and investing for the future. Our business seminars and annual summit keep you on the cutting edge of success as a martial arts business leader.


Our Mission

We are committed to providing the best quality Martial Arts events that encourage our members to be champions in life and on the mats.


Learn more and do more at IMAS Summit with the most innovative and relevant  physical and business trainings.

Our Venue

Quality rooms and quality rings! We work with our member schools to find the highest quality local venue so the entire family is comfortable.

Wyndham Disney Resort

1850 Hotel Plaza Blvd

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Visit to book your stay today!

Our Events

An inspiring and explosive day of training for Martial Arts enthusiasts at start of our Fall Nationals.


This year's Black Belt Summit will be an immersive experience aiming to elevate your martial arts business and training strategies like never before.

Join us Today

Ready to bring your training to the next level? Business seminars focus on enriching your operational skills and strategies + training seminars devised for students who aim to excel in martial arts.


Talk to your instructor about how to register today.


All events held at: Wyndham Disney Resort / 1850 Hotel Plaza Blvd, Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Black Belt Summit Welcome (open to all)

10:00 AM

Start the IMAS Summit with a dynamic and invigorating morning meet up!

How to Implement a Padded Stick Sparring Program

10:15 AM

This teaching topic is designed to help students establish and improve padded stick sparring strategies to make them champions in the ring. Through detailed instruction, demonstrations, and guided practice, students will deepen their understanding of effective striking, evading, and footwork and learn how to apply them against different opponents.

Pete Sorce
Conditioning for Peak Performance

11:15 AM

Martial arts is not just about physical prowess but also about mental strength. In this teaching topic, students will delve into the realm of mental conditioning to develop a strong mindset for peak performance. Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, participants will explore mental techniques such as focus, concentration, visualization, goal setting, and managing performance anxiety. Students will learn how to harness their mental abilities to enhance their martial arts skills and achieve optimal performance in training and competitions.

Shakoor Sleight
Effective Sparring Strategies

12:15 PM

Discover effective strategies and tactics for sparring in martial arts. This session will focus on analyzing opponents, developing defensive and offensive

techniques, and maximizing scoring opportunities in sparring matches.

Yirme Brown
Marketing and Promotion

11:15 AM

Learn effective marketing and promotion strategies specifically tailored for martial arts schools. This session will cover topics such as digital marketing, branding, customer retention, and attracting new students.

McKensie Parrack
Program Development

12:15 PM

Elevate your martial arts school with our insightful seminar on strategic Program Development. Delve into assessing current programs, identifying growth opportunities, and effectively implementing innovative upgrades. Discover marketing strategies for your refreshed offerings and learn how to measure success. Perfect for school owners seeking to increase profitability, boost student retention, and stimulate growth. Transform your school's future with our strategic roadmap to a thriving martial arts program.

Kyle Freeman
Lunch Break

1:00 PM

Techniques & Applications

2:30 PM

This teaching topic is designed to help students elevate their martial arts skills by focusing on advanced techniques and their practical applications. Participants will explore complex techniques, intricate combinations, and advanced forms specific to their martial arts discipline. Through detailed instruction, demonstrations, and guided practice, students will deepen their understanding of these advanced techniques and learn how to apply them effectively in sparring, self-defense scenarios, and demonstrations.

Jack Lord
Specialty Weapons

3:45 PM

Dive into the captivating world of martial arts weaponry with our dynamic seminar on Bo Staff, Kamas, and Nunchucks. Learn from experienced instructors, and master unique skills and techniques. No matter your experience level, discover a new dimension in martial arts and refine your agility, speed, and precision.

Brendan Weiss, Ky Borskey & Meech Allen
Maximizing Revenue Streams

2:30 PM

Martial arts school owners can benefit from diversifying their revenue streams beyond traditional class tuition. In this business topic, we will explore different ways to maximize revenue and expand income sources. We will discuss options such as hosting workshops, offering specialized programs (self-defense, fitness, etc.), merchandise sales, and online training platforms. Participants will learn how to identify opportunities for diversification and develop strategies to increase profitability in their martial arts businesses.

Steve Brister & Michael Authement
Creating Rockstar Staff

3:45 PM

Explore strategies for optimizing the operations and management of martial arts schools. This session will cover areas such as staff training, scheduling, facility management, and compensation.

Kyle Freeman
Black Belt Summit Wrap Up (open to all)

4:45 PM

Conclude the IMAS Summit with a summary of the key takeaways from the breakout sessions.

IMAS Social

6:00 - 9:00 PM

Open to all Summit participants and IMAS School Owners ages 18+

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