SEPTEMBER 23 & 24 // 2022

Ready for your next challenge? Join us in Lewisville, Texas for the 2022 Texas Championships. Like they say -- everything is bigger in Texas -- including the Texas Championships! Don't miss specialty Seminars taught by Master Instructors, new competitions for individuals and teams, as well as traditional martial arts competitions for all ages and ranks.

Available 5 days prior to competition date


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Deadline to have competitors registered:

SEPT 14, 2022

Note: last year's event filled up prior to deadline!


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Lewisville Convention Ctr

785 State Highway 121

Lewisville, TX

ph: 972.459.4600


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Fri / Sept 23



2:00 pm Judges Certification


3:00 pm Seminar #1

     Grappling w Steve Williams

4:00 pm Seminar #2

     Muay Thai w Blake Wells

5:00 pm Seminar #3

     Bo Staff w Brendon Weiss

6:00 pm - Board Breaking

6:00 pm - Weapons

6:30 pm - Tag Team Sparring

7:00 pm - Stick Sparring

7:30 pm - Team Free Design

8:00-10:00 pm Kids Night!


Sat / Sept 24


9 am   Judges Certification

10 am Board Challenge Opens

10 am Main Event Competitions

Note: All tournament judges must attend at least ONE of the Judges Certifications to judge at this event.

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Seminar #3

Bo Staff w Mr. Brendan Weiss

Learn some super cool Bo Staff

spins and tricks with bo staff champion, Mr. Brendan Weiss. Beginning as a farming tool and developed as a weapon, the bo staff has many practical and artistic applications to explore.


Seminar #2

Muay Thai w Mr. Blake Wells

The most effective striking system in the world.

Whether you agree or not, come find out why some consider Muay Thai to be the most effective and hardest hitting striking art in the world.


Seminar #1

Grappling w Mr. Steve Williams

More to come!