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JUNE 28 & 29 // 2024

Get ready for the electrifying IMAS Worlds event, where martial arts enthusiasts and champions gather from around the globe! This premiere event showcases a wide range of competitions, including Traditional Forms, Flag Sparring, Point Sparring, Padded Stick Sparring, and Free-Style Weapons Forms. You can also look forward to special events such as High Rank Testing and the Board Break Challenge. And that's not all—kicking off the festivities on Day 1 is the inaugural Tournament of Champions, an exclusive battle where only the elite Black Belt competitors who've secured a spot on the Top Ten List are invited to compete. This is your chance to witness history in the making, cheer on top-tier talent, and immerse yourself in the world of martial arts like never before!

Available 3-5 days prior to competition date

Our Mission

We are committed to providing WORLD Class Martial Arts events that encourage our members to be champions in life and on the mats.


Compete among the best of the best at IMAS WORLDS and the first ever IMAS Tournament of Champions!

Our Venue

Quality rooms and quality rings! We work with our member schools to find the highest quality local venue so the entire family is comfortable. Join us at WORLDS.

Hyatt Regency Dallas

300 Reunion Boulevard

Downtown Dallas, TX

Reserve your room today: BOOK NOW

Our Events

There are many ways to win! Participants can compete in categories such as traditional forms, one-step combinations, tournament sparring, free-style weapons patterns, padded stick sparring and more -- or choose to challenge yourself with the board break challenge!

The Tournament of Champions is open by invitation to elite Black Belts who have won a spot on the Top Ten List

Join us Today

Ready for your next challenge? The IMAS WORLDS is just around the corner and we’re super excited! Check out our site to find all the information that you need.


Do you train at an IMAS school? Talk to your instructor about how to prepare and register today.

Fri / June 28

Tentative schedule of 

Friday's events include:


8 am  High Rank Interviews

9 am  High Rank Testing

12 pm Tournament of Champions

4pm  WORLDS High Rank Competition


Sat / June 29

Tentative schedule of Saturday's events include:

8 am Judges Meeting

9 am Competitions Begin

9 am Board Break Challenge Opens​

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It is with great pride that we celebrate the extraordinary achievements of the Top Ten Black Belt competitors in the categories of Traditional Forms and Point Sparring from the 2023-2024 IMAS tournament season. 

These athletes have not only exemplified the spirit and discipline of martial arts but have also earned an opportunity to compete in the Tournament of Champions, to be held on Friday, June 28th at the Inaugural IMAS Worlds in Dallas, Texas.

View the invitations to the 2024 Tournament of Champions at the link below. Congratulations to all of the competitors that qualified for this year's event!

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