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IMAS Top Ten

IMAS strives for excellence and never-ending improvement; the greatest example of this attitude is the IMAS Top Ten. Men and women of all ranks and ages bring their best to competitions throughout the year, earning points while having fun as they go for gold. The most exciting part: every Spring Nationals, Top Ten candidates are announced and invited to compete at the IMAS World Championship during the annual IMAS Summit.


2022 Top Ten

Traditional Forms

Traditional forms put the Art In Martial Arts. This is where you can truly showcase your ability to perform a routine of moves with the grace and power of a martial artist. 

2022 Top Ten

Flag Sparring

Flag Sparring is a fast, high energy competition that demands quick feet, rapid reactions and elusive movements. The thirty second round speeds by as opponents attempt to steal each other's flags without losing their own.

Tucker Tourney Fierce 2018.jpeg

2022 Top Ten

Point Sparring

Point sparring combines the fun and excitement of the sport with applying practical application of many of your techniques. Quick thinking and reaction speed will help you score points, evade your opponent and strategize your way to victory.

2022 Top Ten

Weapons Forms

Weapons competition is an incredible way to showcase your personal talent and creativity. Your form can be built entirely from your own mind. You have the opportunity to figure out what flows, what feels good, and what moves make you the most competitive.


2022 Top Ten

Padded Stick Sparring

Score as many points as possible against your opponent with a padded stick. Not only should you be quick, but you should also be smart. Defensive strategies are just as important as fast-paced combos.

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