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IMAS Top Ten

IMAS strives for excellence and never-ending improvement; the greatest example of this attitude is the IMAS Top Ten. Men and women of all ranks and ages bring their best to competitions throughout the year, earning points while having fun as they go for gold. The most exciting part: every Spring Nationals, Top Ten candidates are announced and invited to the Awards Banquet.


Tournament of Champions Announcement

It is with great pride that we celebrate the extraordinary achievements of the Top Ten Black Belt competitors in the categories of Traditional Forms and Point Sparring from the 2023-2024 IMAS tournament season. 

These athletes have not only exemplified the spirit and discipline of martial arts but have also earned an opportunity to compete in the Tournament of Champions, to be held at the Inaugural IMAS Worlds in Dallas, Texas on June 28th & 29th.


Top Ten Awards Banquet

The Top Ten Awards honor our distinguished competitors who have demonstrated dedication, skill, and discipline to accumulate enough points to land on the highly respected Top Ten List.

The next Top Ten Banquet will be held at the 2024 IMAS Fall Nationals in Orlando, Florida.

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2022 Top Ten Results

Get ready to be inspired by greatness! Dive into our archived 2022 Top Ten Results and witness the exceptional skills and dedication of our martial arts champions.

Join us in celebrating these elite athletes who have been on top of their game and on our Top Ten List.

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